Wrote this last year August… Brought some very good memories…

As the Olympic curtains fall down today, just thought to do 10 highLIGHTS:

  1. The Olympic Logo, in my opinion, lacked sports appeal. Whilst I loved the fuchsia (read pink-purple colour) that the embodied the event, more could have been done with the logo. However, there seemed to be a ‘kids” theme i.e. one that would capture the attention of children and for that, I must say, P&G Olympics advert nailed it.
  2. I’m in the middle of exams but that didn’t mean I didn’t have time to catch up with my preferred football team, Brazil. They settled for the silver with Mexico securing position 1. But I am sure a different story will be told when we get to Rio and it is my dream that I will for the first time in 2014 set foot in the land of Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Roberto Carlos.
  3. The women’s 800m race was my most disappointing race. I just felt that #teamafrica didn’t put much effort into winning but having participated in some races before, I am well aware that leg-power has its shortcomings. However, Semenya‘s performance was suspect! The way she shot from position 8 to take the silver in the last 300m says that she can run twice as fast as she did in that race. Money was poured:-)
  4. Talking about money, I don’t think enough of it is put into nurturiing young talent to take an interest in sport – of any kind. If Kenya is serious, then Ministry of Education will not only relook at the Physical Education (P.E.) syllabus but in conjuction with the Minsitry of Youth Affairs and Sports will set aside funds to make facilities available in / for schools. Then we can begin to plan for Nairobi 2024 / 2028!
  5. And then came Usain Bolt… In an interview prior to the Olympics, this guy described himself as cool, calm and collected but the way he beats his chest! Meseret Defar, on the hand, wept and wept until some of us begun weeping… men and women are definitely wired different and I must say that Bolt (like the special Jose Mourinho) brings a certain excited-madness to the field like refusing to let go of the winning baton!
  6. My team award goes to Team USA – their togetherness is always evident and the women of the relay team (who in the 2008 Olympics, by the way, dropped a baton) have particularly encouraged me to get a personal trainer so that the day I participate in my kids sports day, all daddy will hear that week is how Mama can ran fast:-)
  7. Before I talk about my motherland, salutations to all African teams that participated in the Olympics. You made us so proud. Special mention again to Nijel Amos of Botswana for winning its country’s first Olympic medal. Absolutely fantastic! Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Burundi… it is always good to share in toil and celebration with our neighbours.
  8. Standing ovation to Mo Farah, the double gold medallist and father-to-be of twins. I have watched this guy in previous races and I was/am extremely happy for him. And just like a footie fan, this guy falls in my list of favourites and he will be for a long time.
  9. To #teamkenya thank you for representing us – not many countries were able to and if they were, they didn’t bag as much medals. Birmin Kipruto definitely goes down as in my books as a very good sport. I captured his fall and getting back up again on my phone – his no. 5 position was just inspirational! That said, a lot of team needs to be put into the Kenya and a lot of Kenya needs to go into the team. Hopefully our athletics federation will RUDISHA the team to form.
  10. Finally, I am off to the airport with some mursik to meet our team captain who not only well represented akala shoes on international TV (anyone so that interview? It was so so cool!) but is the first man to have broken the 800m world record thrice – David Lekuta Rudisha*. Fyatu Fyetu Fimeng’ara!

Sebastian Coe, organiser of the London Olympics, said: “It was the performance of the Games, not just of track and field but of the Games”. He added: “Bolt was good, Rudisha was magnificent. That is quite a big call but it was the most extraordinary piece of running I have probably ever seen.” – source: Wikipedia

It was such a great season! Looking forward to the next Olympics. #lightsout #lightsout