Tesha loves the pen and hopes to hold it for the rest of her life. She hasn’t figured out her style but is reading more to write more and writing more to grow more. She’s glad to have stumbled upon the internet (still stumbling) and hopes to share in its wealth and beauty.

She is very passionate about art – fine art, governance – good governance, education – rich education and dreams of being part of a team that will impact generations through written, spoken and visual art. 

Through wazozuri, Swahili for beautiful (zuri) thought (wazo), Tesha hopes to share whatsoever’s beautiful and invites you to this part of her world. Karibuni sana!


…mwenye kupenda mawazo mazuri…

tesha 😉


18 thoughts on “ABOUT Tesha

  1. Tesh,
    This is a great dream.
    Our world is so, so dry and needs a positive, constructive, real, long-lasing message, and who else other than us, the sons and daughters of the Kingdom to reach out and impact!
    Go for it and count us in.

    Sam Wachira Mwangi.

  2. Exciting! Really exciting. We’ve read a few pieces and loved. We’ll be at the front line of the cheering squad :-)!

    Many blessings,


  3. Thanks people! Thanks!

    …with the same passion my heart smiles, it cries…
    …I look forward to tomorrow. LORD, I look forward to YOU…

    Pakiwepo na chochote kinachostahili kusifiwa, tafakarini mambo hayo. Phil.4:8

  4. Well done Tesha….great stuff, at least now we know where to catch up with the interesting writting.

    Great writting style if i may say so.

  5. Hi Tesha,

    Way to go girl! Thank you for this page, now we know where to find your thoughts.

    I pray that God will increasingly give you clarity of mind and thought in the coming days. There is a wealth of insight and inspiration in your heart, write without holding back. Tell them to the next generation. Ps 78:4

    From one of your top fans 🙂

  6. I see my constant nagging has finally paid off. Let not even the sky be the limit. I pray and hope that the Dear Lord will inspire you to inspire others with the best of your abilities. Carry on…carry on…till the day is done!!!!

  7. Darling Tess,

    Haven’t you been blessed by the LORD! Am happy for you.Use it for His glory.

    Finally, you have discovered what to retire into. Wachana na pension au provident fund?


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