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Today’s post officially marks my 50th entry. It’s been a fun journey of learning how to write, figuring how to write, simply writing. And sometimes when I get the block, I choose to read or watch stuff – mostly watch. So the other day I stumbled across a podcast by Michael Hyatt giving 10 reasons why every leader needs a blog. Not that this blog provides leadership but I really loved Hyatt’s viewpoints. And so in this post, I use his thoughts to reflect on my blogging journey:

  1. Blogging improves communication skills – I definitely am not where I was a couple of months ago. Putting out no less than 500 words a week – as Hyatt puts it – has forced me to distill my thinking and communicate with precision or so I hope 🙂
  2.  Blogging creates a repository for best thinking – I sometimes meet people who are confused about my car, people who ask questions about my neighbours or simply investigate into my love for telenovellas. The last telenovella I wholeheartedly watched was Esmeralda and AMINI is not about me 🙂 but an assignment that was to be submitted several months back for a creative writing class I took. Blogging encouraged me to complete it and the teacher to read it 🙂
  3. Blogging provides thought leadership to your industry – I had to recheck the definition of thought leadership – one whose views on a subject are taken to be authoritative and influential. Let me not even pressure myself 🙂 I am here for leisure!
  4. Blogging raises your organization’s visibility – Lets just say I am glad to have a place to share my heart sorry art 🙂
  5. Blogging shares your organization’s vision – Hyatt’s podcast made me really think about where I am going with this blog. When I started it I just knew I wanted to write. I thought it was easy to write until I put down 3 posts and ran out of ideas, energy and most importantly patience. For now I am determined to grow in the skill…
  6. Blogging networks with people who can help you – This blog landed me an invitation to my very first writing class and more recently BAKE awards. Bloggers Association of Kenya Awards that is. But most precious was when my cousin sent me a kindle. A KINDLE! Because he thought I deserved it. I am still over the moon ❤
  7. Blogging builds trust with prospective customers – Hyatt’s podcast details how being professional, practical and personal helped Thomas Nelson Publishers, where he is CEO, gain more revenues. One day, one day…
  8. Blogging builds authority in your niche – see point 3…
  9. Blogging gathers feedback from your constituents – The best feedback yet was getting a message from a friend that went like this “…totally loved your Amini 11 post. Just had to tell you…” That remark will last a lifetime. ❤
  10. Blogging mentors the next generation of leaders – I am subscribed to / read a couple of blogs and they for sure challenge me to better writing, to better thinking, to better betterness!

Michael Hyatt has great leadership insights and I have been waiting desperately for his next upload. For this particular one, he concludes by saying TRY BLOGGING


One thought on “Try Blogging…

  1. Hi Tesha,
    Totally agree with you!
    I love the whole idea of blogging and I noticed that ever since I started my blogs, I became more creative. It’s wonderful. So many things to learn, so many things to share, so many interesting people to meet!
    I am curious, how do you make money off blogging?
    I don’t see any ads whatsoever on your blog, so I was surprised.
    Personally, I am a part of a great online business community that I think you will love (I attached the link to my blog review about it). It is a place where there are more than 500,000 active users and many of those are successful entrepreneurs and bloggers. Every day you get to interact with them, every day you read success stories etc. It’s like Reddit only more online business-oriented. Check it out! 🙂

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