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Life is catching up with me

I am not as strong as I used to be

It takes me an hour to get here

Another hour to leave here

Those who cannot see

Those who cannot hear

Those who cannot speak

Those like me

All come here

The one with money is fortunate

The one with a family even more fortunate

One day we will be the ones

I’ve asked Sayyda to marry me

“But how can a marry what I cannot see?”

She remembers the 17 years here

And the 38 we celebrate today

“I see you…”

I tell her

“You are beautiful…”

I whisper to her

She will marry the one who immerses her in the waters

The one strong enough to carry her weakness

If I had money

I would pay for her immersion

If I had a family

I would make sure they did it

Just so that she could see her very reflection

Sayyda is beautiful

But for my very now

And my very here

I desire to be immersed

But for a moment

Against Bethsaida and its scorching sun

Tesha Mongi © October 2015 – adapted from John


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