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This place is beautiful

But I am ugly

And ugly is what my life looks like

When time came for me to crawl, I barely moved

He is not the crawling type,” they thought

Then time came for me to stand, I barely moved

He is the later-in-life kind of child,” they thought

Finally in my 3rd year of life

The doctors confirmed I would barely move


Mama would prop me on a table each morning

And it was by our wooden door I lived

My brothers herded, my sisters fetched water

Sometimes they played with it

Made clay balls, they had so much fun

Their friends would join in, it was so much fun

They always said hello. They always wished I played

Eventually they left

Papa also left. Mama quickly followed him

God will take care of you.” they bade

My brother did everything he could

But then came his ‘mamacita

And every morning since they drop me here

At first I was angry, very angry

I am sure my parents would have been very angry

A beggar!

Their son turned a beggar!

But it is beautiful here

I see beautiful children – very beautiful children

I see beautiful men – well their hearts are

I see beautiful women – with large beautiful eyes

My sister says there is a peasant girl

A very beautiful peasant girl

Waiting for me if I fetch enough silver

And for love, I will fetch that silver

With pitiable theatrics, with powerful theatrics, with put-some-money-in-my-cup theatrics

I will fetch even gold and alas here it comes!

But these men are different

Though the temple bells ring, they rush not

They kneel leaning towards me

Silver or gold they obviously do not have

But in the name of the Nazarene

In the name of the Nazarene

They help me hop, I skip, I jump

It is beautiful I tell you! Beautiful…

Tesha Mongi © September 2015 – adapted from Acts


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