unashamed (the sequel)…

I get amazed some times when I write… because I really don’t know what the piece will finally look like… for this particular one I didn’t think it would turn out to fit a sequel but O well, it is well 🙂

Naked and ashamed we stood

Not really knowing where to stand

So we hid

Weeping, we held together arm in arm

Life had come short

It was bad

He knew better…


We are tall, almost 6

Reaching places not everyone can

If it was taxes, we were ready

not this

Despite the pain we stood our ground

Covering selves in Horatio’s hymn

‘It is well’ we sang


Honour the Man who graciously gives

Bless His name who graciously takes

For in a while we weep

But soon He returns our sleep

We will therefore not belabour our nakedness

For in the same way we came

We will return, unashamed…


Tesha Mongi © Jun-13


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