Have You Seen Him?

Still having fun yanking out stuff that I wrote way back… Some I love, others not so much… It’s like walking into my heart and seeing what’s its made of 😉 I wrote this one when right after watching the Ghana 2010 match… I love the game! and my dream is to celebrate my next birthday in Brasil or Brazil for the anglophones 🙂

Image source here

Have you seen him?
The one with the studded boots?
He moves with such flair
I love the way he shoots
He knows what to say
Commanding the ground and the roots
The crowd goes wild
Each time in shouts and toots

But they attack him, surround him
Tackle him from every side
Today they say
We will take away your pride
Your hope, your home, your heart
You will find no place to hide
Be afraid, be much afraid
We are coming tonight in such straight stride

He may not be the fastest, the strongest or the tallest
But he will take on the stag
You will not threaten me!
I will stand, I will defend the flag
He has structure, he has strategy, he has stamina
He will fight for the bag*
He is the one with the studded boots
Watch out for his swag


* For BABA who taught me all about the game…


Tesha Mongi © JUN 2010



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