Yet another old post… A so so piece but I like the last paragraph and the note thereafter… Fanning my own flame 🙂 You never know it might be a forest fire one day…

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A couple of weeks ago my phone got yanked right out of my hands. Yep, Nairobi bado kuna wezi. I was on Facebook at the time and as soon as I jumped out of the matatu, I fled into a cyber to deactivate my account. Can you imagine what an INTELLIGENT thief would have done? I was shaken. I had heard stories but never thought I would ever fall victim.

I have since recovered, ok almost recovered. I constantly clutch onto my bag, shut the window (I love to sit by the window; so many people, so many stories) and focus on getting my 10 or 20 bob change back.

So today we were caught up in some jam at GLOBE ROUNDABOUT (Disclaimer:TheseCapLockedAlphabetsMeanNothing… ABSOLUTELY NOTHING) and I decided to play the vigilante. High-schooler. Rushing-for-a-mat. Tired-from-work. Yeah, I know its not good to judge people when I have not removed the log in my eye but O well, let me start what I finished.

Enthusiastic-hawker-wow!nice-shoes! Tooth-pick. Tooth pick?! SUSPECT. Why would any reasonable Kenyan floss his teeth at 5.30pm whilst crossing such a manic-ridden road. Yes suspect! I suspect you. In fact, I arrest you.

WHAAAAAAAT??? It’s him! No, not the one with the tooth pick, the other one. No! Not him either, him. Yes him. The one with pink stripes shirt and black pants. They are the same clothes he wore the day he robbed me. Yes, I’m sure its him. I cannot forget that built. Tall, chocolate and very handsome too. In another life I could have easily said for better for worse. (I now know better that handsome could be worse; the word here is COULD)

Dere shukisha shukisha Dereeee…!!! If only it were that easy, I would have ‘shukad’ to arrest him as he gallantly advanced to his next conquest.

I still have not managed to come round to cursing this pink man. The truth is I have been silently looking out for this guy. I don’t know why but I feel sad that each morning he wakes up and says leo wacha tuone ni watu wangapi tutawafunza MALENGE NI MBOGA. I call that lack of purposeful engagement…

Engage my eyes, I will turn
Engage my mind, I will learn
Engage my heart, I will return
Engage me


Tesha Mongi © JULY 2010


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