AnnaOnce a week, Anna comes into my house and turns it from a parasite into a paradise. I mean she dusts, cleans, mops, arranges, re-arranges, polishes, shines, irons, folds, hangs, and before she calls it a day, a sumptuous meal she prepares.

I don’t know about you, but I have crazy days. My day starts at 6.00am with deadlines and to-do lists on my mind. Lunch hours  are reserved for that pending school assignment. I try to leave the office at 5 o’clock to be in time for my classes. By the time I get home, all I can do is sleep.

I am very grateful for Anna. Her presence every Saturday not only brings me the much-needed hours of rest, but also a peace and order that transcends into every new week. For this reason, I see Anna like any other employee and a good one for that matter. One who is entitled to proper treatment* and a pay that is above the daily minimum wage. And whilst a good pay will secure me a place in Anna’s loyalty list, I also realise that I must teach Anna how to fish. Here’s a (true) story that really amazed me…

One evening Bella came home and found Anna unwell. She could tell that it was an Asthma attack but Anna repeatedly said that someone was out to get her; she was bewitched! This was not the first time that Anna had talked of the dark world and the many ‘African’ movies she subscribed to did not help dispel her fears. Tired of her deliriums, Bella called a cabbie and took Anna to Nairobi Hospital – no not a Nairobi Hospital but The Nairobi Hospital! This was the first time this 28 year old was stepping into a hospital and she was blown away! That night Anna not only received a cure for her body but also for her mind. Her perspective on life has changed and works excitedly in helping her kids ‘fish’ too.

Last Sunday our Pastor challenged us to liberating at least one Kenyan family out of poverty, if you don’t know where or how to start, think about your Anna.


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