Terms and Conditions apply…

terms-and-conditionsI was, last week, twice a victim of ‘terms and conditions’ apply. “I’m sorry ma’am,” the lady told me. “That’s company policy and there’s nothing more we can do about it.” The second incident was a case of some guy imposing his terms and conditions to save his skin. I was pretty upset but that sometimes is the Nairobi ‘hustle’.

Talking about Nairobi, have you noticed the guy who’s decided to give the city a new look? Choosing blue, white and black as his primary colours, this fellow splatters his pieces across the gutters of Valley Road, on the walls of City Mortuary and most recently, along the foot tunnel that leads to the busy Grogan area. Graffiti* is what I am talking about! and though this kind of art is forbidden in many democracies (not sure what our bylaws say), the chap toils through the night to bring, by day, life to these obscure places.

Not only has he managed to give the town some new ‘swag’, but also seems to be on an ardent mission to pass a message and it is unmistakably in his conspicuous signature – BANK SLAVE! I think what happened to this 45 year old (I guess his age) was he one day walked into the bank (he’d been told he could make a fortune by selling his abstracts abroad) and when he walked out, life was never the same – terms and conditions applied!

www.businessdictionary.com defines terms and conditions as “general and special arrangements, provisions, requirements, rules, specifications, and standards that form an INTEGRAL part of an agreement or contract”. And just recently I truly sympathised with a friend who received a bank notification with his interest rate being revised to 32%. Yes 32%! The term / condition (in small print): All interest rates are pegged to the bank’s base lending rate currently at xx% p.a. and are variable. The bank reserves the right to revise interest rates from time to time depending on prevailing market conditions.

Life happens! And when it does, it can bring unprecedented stress. It is imperative, in such times, to fundamentally rethink and radically redesign (BPR definition) the way we use resources.

  • Rethink – take time off to come to terms with the situation. When ready, ask hard questions and gradually allow others to do same. Remember, those who laugh at your predicament bring the salinity necessary to heal wounds.
  • Redesign – our lifestyles are many times by design and when it becomes impossible to sustain it, we must urgently and radically redesign the way we live. (aibu kando)
  • Resource – ask people! You will be amazed to find people (though few) ready to help you in whatever way possible. But most importantly ask God. He provides grace, wisdom, and every single resource we need. Trust Him!


* In another life… I would have been an artist… #4real:o) Happy Valentines!


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