January! and my haven’t I experienced it in all its brokenness. Over the years, though, I have come to enjoy such seasons because of the beauty it brings…  

  1. Broke-ness brings clarity – I am able to clearly separate my needs from wants, see exactly what I would do if I laid my hands on a handsome fortune, and have no doubts at all of what my priorities for the future are!
  2. Broke-ness also reminds me of a much needed discipline – budgeting! I am not a stickler for budgets but in the periods I have been diligent, I have experienced such abundant peace than when opted to ‘survive’. And I want to get back there… where I am not only attending to my needs but for a greater* good.
  3. Broke-ness helps me see God for who He is – end December / hello January, I was running some projects concurrently and I grossly understated how much I needed. The much I had saved up would grossly compromise the quality I desired and my out-of-box solutions weren’t coming through. Lets just say I saw God big time!

And so as I (and possibly you?) eagerly await paycheck #1 of 2012, I rest easy knowing that God will not only sort my money issues but my ‘maisha’ issues too. An awesome year to y’all!


* I dream of wazozuri… yes one day it shall serve a great good!


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