R & R

A while back, I was admitted and spent a couple of days in the infirmary. Every morning while taking my vitals [temperature, pressure, and heart rate], the nurse would ask these questions:

  • Did you sleep well? “Yes.” I’d nod even if my night was not so good. We are somewhat conditioned to give a positive response to the how-are-you or similarly equivalent question, I think. And depending on whether we like, trust or respect the person, we disclose the details. Mine was a do or die situation and withholding any information was simply detrimental.
  • What about your bowels? And as the days went by I got worried if I had nothing positive to report on my peristaltic movement. It was not only important for my body to get rid of the toxins but if it didn’t happen, there was a high risk of complicating my situation further. I now take my veges very seriously 🙂
  • “Is she walking?” The in-charge would ask the nurse assigned to me. Medication I could handle but walking was the most difficult part of the treatment. I remember one night falling off my bed as I tried to grab something. I laughed! I thought it made a very funny sight. Walking is the most effective way of getting rid of gas ‘pains’; a painful after–effect of being under anaesthesia*. It also prevents the formation of blood clots in the feet.

It’s still challenging to walk but each day I give it my best. On some days, I just watch movies; it eases the recuperation. I am truly grateful, however, for having a time to reflect on my walk [pun intended] and the footprints I want to leave behind.


*Anaesthesia – Was just surfing through the net and thought these stages were interesting:

  • Stage 1: Induction – patient loses consciousness and can carry on conversation!
  • Stage 2: Excitement – marked by excited and delirious activity.
  • Stage 3: Surgical Anaesthesia – skeletal muscles relax and THE work can begin.
  • Stage 4: Overdose – lethal! Can lead to brain damage or death.

One thought on “R & R

  1. HAHAHA…..you fell from your hospital bed, yah, that was a good site! Very interesing posts…..truly you are a gifted writer!

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