Accounting for the Environment…

maathai-wangariA couple of years ago I had to read a chapter on Environmental Accounting to pass some exam. The read was difficult particularly because my mind could not agree with the concept of costing of emissions – it was simply intangible! Thankfully I passed the exam never having to revisit the subject til recently when it was proposed as ‘majoring’ option. “Nice!” I thought and quickly begun to imagine how I could gain professional mileage by becoming one of the few Eco Consultants around. 

Environmental accounting (also social accounting) attempts to measure the social and environmental impacts of business decisions. An accountant is able to measure the true cost of production and make appropriate pricing decisions. But most importantly, companies can work towards reducing pollution, protecting wildlife and preserving the environment in general. see more:

I thought about it again (majoring in Environmental Accounting) and I was like “Nah! I am not that into trees.” But Wangari Maathai was. I mean this environmentalist not only cried for the felling of trees but also fought for sustainable development, democracy and peace in Africa. She loved Africa too! and in one of her speeches said “…we need people who love Africa so much that they want to protect her from destructive processes…”

The news of her death is still very shocking… Her work amazing… Her legacy outstanding… and because of this I hope to give a better account of my environment. RIP Professor RIP …


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