The Cutex Agenda

The other day I took a clipper and chopped of my nails. Life had turned abnormally hectic and maintaining a freshly manicured look was becoming increasingly difficult. There were days I had to choose between washing dishes and sitting pretty. And believe me it took me a couple of weeks to get to the decision of doing away with their length particularly after a friend asked if the nails were mine! O the things that make a girl happy 😀

I took some nail polish remover to get rid of the colour and my previously white nails now had a strange brownish discolouration as a result of the continuous application of cutex. Yes my nails are white and the doctors haven’t yet figured out why. It was previously thought to be anaemia but the labs don’t think so. Actually a couple of months ago some doctor asked to take a photo of them for some research. I wonder what was the outcome? I was then suffering from a cold.

My nails were not only dirty in colour but also damaged* from the continuous buffing, ideally meant to smoothen the keratin, yet instead eroded its natural lustre. I held out my fingers. They looked sad. They had had enough of the acetone. It was time for these 10 to rest, to recuperate. (Nails protect our phalanges from sensitivity and injury, enhance precise movement and grip and the obvious one, make our digits look beautiful – wiki)


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