The Fall of Darkness

Part I

As children, we sulked at the fall of darkness
It took away our joy, we loved to play endless
Then came years when we received it with gladness
It renewed our strength, we had laboured tireless

One night but all calm turned restless
Our heavy blankets seeming pretty useless
She broke in and beat us senseless
She took everything, she left us helpless

How could life be so ruthless?
Did it not honour the prince? Did it not love his princess?
Who had seen a king reign powerless?
Who had heard of his vines lay fruitless?

Our hearts wailed with such distress
We were so young, so clueless
Where were we to start in this coldness?
Night had come, it was the fall of darkness

Part II

Night had come, it was the fall of darkness
We stood still confused by the madness
How did we end up in such sadness?
Losing everything including our fortress?
We tried to make sense, it was pointless

One night a story was told, a tale we thought meaningless
A story of a kingdom famed for greatness
Whose walls were built by hands that were selfless
And gates secured by hearts that were fearless
A kingdom ruled by justice and a king who pursued righteousness


O what treason! It displayed our foolishness
O what reason! It distorted our bitterness
Laziness, selfishness, greediness was never the path of business regardless
Life was not merciless, we had been mannerless
Neither was it ruthless, we had been reckless

Our hearts wept after forgiveness
As our spirits rejoiced in gladness
We were no longer young, no longer clueless
We were starting afresh in spite of the coldness
Light had come, it was the fall of darkness


Tesha Mongi © 2010


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