The things I see…

The things I see from my balcony…

Scene 1

Red, green, white, green, a lot of green. The children walk in hundreds of streams. Some are happy, others sad. A few grumpy but most are glad. Today this boy walks with some lad. The other day, he came with his dad. He’s a little bony, eight I think. He chuckles in story, he doesn’t blink. He’s blind you see. But he is alive, he must live. He will learn, he will play, and the feeding program will bless his day.


Scene 2

Left, right, left, right, a lot of right. The men, the women march forward with all their might. Some are fast, others slow. Some harassed but they all must go. Today this guy carries his wife. She’s just been stabbed with a neighbour’s knife. She’s bleeding, she’s dying, she’s very weak. He wheels her in a cart, she’s extremely sick. He’s jobless you see. But he is alive, he must live. He will hurry, she will strain, he prays the doctor will not labour in vain.


Scene 3

Toot, hoot, toot, hoot, a lot of hoot. The ‘matatus’ wait along the muddy route. Some are rusty and very old. But most are dirty obscuring the gold. Today this man is with his family. They are moving from the city to some place quite hilly. They’re all upset, they’re arguing. His decision is final, he’s not pardoning. It’s been tough you see. But they are alive, they must live. There will be tears, there will be screams, but they must return and rebuild their dreams.


Every Christmas thousands of Kenyans return to ‘shagz’ not for the holidays but for all days. Life in this city has become very harsh and it just makes sense to turn back. But back to what? Food to eat, shoes for the feet, water to drink, a place to blink, a hospital that cares and a school that’s aware that we can no longer sit and watch from the balcony.


Wishing you God’s peace and blessings this Christmas.

…mwenye kupenda mawazo mazuri…

tesha 😉


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